Black Sea Resorts. Extra fun under the sun.

Romania's Black Sea Coast is a cool summer destination. Endless golden beaches and dreamy sandy shores await the fun-loving traveler. And with 15 Romanian sea resorts, the possibilities are infinite. A perfect tan, exciting water sports and parties that last till sunrise. But it's not all entertainment facilities. There are also countless cultural treasures to be discovered, such as the Ancient Greek monuments scattered along the coastline. And for those in search of health or maybe everlasting youth, there are some world famous spas that offer unique rejuvenation treatments.

A long string of beach beauties.

Romania's main sea resorts are strung out along 45 miles of fine beaches. The most popular resorts are Mamaia, Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mangalia. And because they are so close together, it's easy to enjoy something fresh every day in a new, exciting location.

With many luxury hotels, exotic bars and outstanding restaurants, Mamaia is the biggest and the most glamorous Romanian sea resort. It also has the finest and longest beach (6 miles) at the Black Sea. Second largest, Eforie is popular for its high beachfront and an exceptional mud spa located near Techirghiol Salty Lake. Also known for its excellent health spas is Mangalia. What's more, in Mangalia, the curious tourist can uncover lost treasures of the Ancient Greek world. And close by, it's an impressive hippodrome where horseback riding is available. Jupiter and Saturn are some of the newest and most modern resorts at the Black Sea. Neptun, also a relative new resort, lets the tourists take advantage of a pristine forest and two lakes.

The Ancient Greeks were here, Romans too.

Remnants of Ancient Greek and Roman culture are to be seen everywhere along Romania's Black Sea Coast. Around 6th century BC, Greek colonists built affluent cities here. The most famous being Histria, Tomis and Callatis. Today, Tomis is called Constanta and it's one of the largest ports in Europe. Callatis also thrives in the modern world, but it's now known as Mangalia.

Alongside Ancient Greek monuments, Roman edifices can be explored. For example, in Constanta there's a vast Roman complex featuring beautiful mosaics and remains of public baths, workshops, warehouses and shops. In Mangalia, the Museum of Archeology hosts a large and valuable collection of ancient artifacts. And all over the city, the Greek legacy is visible through numerous historical remnants, such as walls and columns.

Health & Youth.

The Black Sea coast has long been known for miraculous cures. Arthritic, rheumatic, internal and nervous disorders are just a few of the illnesses that can be treated in the Romanian spas. The most renowned are the spas located in Eforie and Mangalia. They specialize in mud baths as well as in world famous "Gerovital" and "Aslavital" rejuvenation treatments. The mud is taken from the waters of salty lakes in the region and has proven therapeutic effects.