Bukovina & Moldavia. Sacred art and wilderness.

Bukovina and Moldavia are two magical regions situated in northeastern Romania. They are as exciting as Transylvania when it comes to folklore, natural beauty and rich history. What's more, people here are renowned for their hospitality, tasty organic food and charming customs. So, the passionate tourists have much to absorb and enjoy. Especially if they are looking to experience something truly unique.

Painted monasteries treasured by UNESCO.

In Moldavia and Bukovina religion and spirituality have taken an artful form. The Painted Monasteries of Bukovina are deemed universal art treasures and are included in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Built in the 15th and 16th centuries, the monasteries feature colorful exterior frescoes depicting dramatic religious scenes. The most famous is Voronet, which was erected in 1438 by the legendary Stefan the Great. For its inimitable blue, Voronet is considered by many to be "the Sistine Chapel of the East". In fact, the composition of the paint that miraculously never fades remains a mystery. Other extraordinary painted churches in Bukovina are Sucevita (with its distinctive greens) and Humor (where the frescoes are predominantly red).

Moldavia has also impressive houses of worship. Moldavian monasteries will entice your soul with their Byzantine arches and clover-shaped altars. Surrounded by wild, green hills, these monasteries look painted by the hands of God himself. They depict biblical scenes of mythical beauty painted in colors found nowhere else on Earth. So, don't miss Arbore, Dragomirna, Moldovita and Putna monasteries.

Medieval charm, wine and wild fun.

Moldavia and Bukovina have kept intact much of their medieval legacy. Castles, fortresses and other fortifications bear witness of a tumultuous past. The most impressive one is Neamt Fortress. It was built in 14th century to fend off Turks and other invaders, but today is just a peaceful remnant of the old, more romantic days. Moldavia is famous for its wines. So, it will be a mistake not to take a wine tasting tour to Cotnari Vineyards, established in 1448.

Moldavia and Bukovina are also known for their wild beauty. For example the natural scenery of the Bicaz Gorges is breathtaking, making it one of the most spectacular road passes in Romania. There are also four stunning National Parks: Calimani (a great volcanic plateau), Vanatori Neamt (home of the Bison and Carpathian Wildlife Reserve), Ceahlau (with mysterious ancient temples dating back to the Romans) and Hasmas-Cheile Bicazului (featuring spectacular gorges and the Red Lake natural reservoir). What's more, you can have wild fun by engaging in biking, fishing, hiking, skiing and bird watching.