Your taste buds need to travel too.

Discover not only great places, but also amazing food. Romanian cuisine is famous for blending many gastronomic traditions into delightful unique dishes. So, prepare your buds for a grand feast featuring Ottoman, German, Serbian and Hungarian flavors. Romania is also famous for its fine drinks, such as Murfatlar wine and various kinds of brandy.

RINA Tours & Travel prepares the yummiest trips in Romania. Along the way, we'll introduce you to great traditional restaurants and vineyards where you can indulge in an abundance of delicious local foods and drinks. And since live folkloric music is played in almost every Romanian venue, fun is guaranteed.

If you're not willing to go on a gastronomic safari, we can arrange for you to eat what you usually enjoy back home, including Kosher food. We've had plenty of satisfied guests, so we know exactly how to cater for a diverse range of tastes. And keep in mind you can pick restaurants that prepare healthy, organic food.

Contact us now for a detailed restaurant list. And feel free to make any gastronomic inquiry or request.