Natural wonders to discover
Unearthly settings
Peaceful unspoiled landscapes
Wild fun on the Romanian slopes

Incentives and Team Building

Danube sailing

Danube sailing is an amazing experience for those who want to enjoy peaceful moments in Romania. You could send your team on a relaxing riverboat cruise down the Danube and sail away to the Black Sea. Nature and beauty will surround your crew in an idyllic trip.
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Your employees could have the time of their life while riding an ATV in the Romanian woods. Test their limits outside the office and let them press the acceleration pedal, not too much, though, because they wouldn't want to miss the wonderful sceneries they will pass by.
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Offer your team the chance to speed up and feel the adrenaline of a Kart Race circuit. Whether they want to try new and exciting things, or they are keen on racing, our experts will give them some tips on how to be the first to reach the finish line. They should just enjoy the ride!
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Let us take your crew on some amazing journeys in amazing places from Romania. Take them on a trip and let them explore canyons with beautifully sculpted walls, spectacular waterfalls and great views. They can go hiking, scrambling, climbing or, if they have mountaineering skills, we can offer them support in abseiling or technical climbing.
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Outdoor camping and meals

Get your team out of the office and let them experience the wilderness of nature and feel the freedom of camping. Choose a campground for trailers or just tell them to bring a backpack and stay in a tent. Offer them a good time while enjoying delicious meals outdoors.
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Plan a colourful fight for your employees! If they fight in the office, let them feel the excitement of teaming up and playing paintball. We'll provide them with the necessary equipment, so get them ready to knock down all their enemies and have lots of fun.
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If your team is after an adrenaline rush, then rafting is the sport for them. We'll provide adequate equipment and professional staff so they can safely venture on popular rafting rivers such as Cris, Olt and Jiu.
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Horseback Riding

Offer your staff the opportunity to gallop across vast green fields on a magnificent horse. Such thrills are cherished traditions in Transylvania and other places in Romania. Our equitation experts can teach beginners and offer great tips even to experienced riders.
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Romania has many great fishing places where you can catch carp, pike, sturgeon and more. But for a truly memorable fishing expedition for your team, we can take them to the Danube Delta. With more than 169 species of game fish, they'll surely return with a big trophy and some grand stories to tell.
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